General Specifications



On dark bottles, it is sometimes needed to add an underlayer of white, (e.g., red on a black bottle), counting for an additionnal colour.
Delivered quantities (thus invoiced) can be 5% under ordered quantities.
Slight printing offset may occur, around 0.3 mm compared with the approval form.


The file you provide must be made of vector graphics or have a minimum resolution that allows high-quality printing: at least 150 dpi. Optimal resolution starts from 200 dpi. There is no need to provide higher resolution images of 300 dpi. 

The provided file format needs to be one of the following: TIFF, AI, PDF or PSD. 





The materials used are without Bisphenol-A, phthalates or any toxin.

Our bottles are 100% recyclables. Colour variation may occur between different parts (bottle, cap, mouth piece, print) due to different used materials.


Order per box of 50 pc, except for the Magnum bottle (per box of 35 pc) and Little Z bottle (per box of 40 pc).





Bottles can be easily cleaned, including in the dish-washer. It is recommanded to clean your bottle after each use and to keep it stored open. 





Our bottles are all designed and designed and manufactured in our factory in Jargeau, France. 3 weeks lead time after order confirmation.